Mammal Designs

Chipmunk Mare and Her Foal

Timber wolf

505 Timber Wolf

Also available with two matching wolf heads (505Z).

Red Wolf

506 Red Wolf

Little Brown Bat

515 Little Brown Bat

Red Bat

516 Red Bat

Free-tailed Bat

517 Free-Tailed Bat (Brazilian)

A common and widely distributed bat in the West and Southwest. Some of their roosting sites accommodate huge numbers of bats and draw crowds of spectators when they take flight for the evening.

520 Ocelot


523 Bobcat

Available as two matching bobcat heads (523Z).

Cougar With Cubs

525A Cougar with Kittens

This new cougar design will replace our classic cougar head with paw design.

Florida Panther

525B Florida Panther

Same as 525A with Florida Panther labeled on the display card along with a palmetto habitat.

Find this design under: Mammals

527 Tiger

Grizzly bear with cubs

533 Grizzly Bear and Cubs

Polar Bear

534 Polar Bear

Black bear

535 Black Bear

Red fox

545 Red Fox

Gray Fox

547 Gray Fox


550 Opossum


551 Raccoon


552 Coatimundi

A funny mammal that may remind one of both a monkey and a raccoon. They live primarily in Mexico and Central America but their rage extends into southern Arizona and Texas

Striped Skunk

553 Striped Skunk

River Otter

555 River Otter

Black-footed Ferret

557 Black-footed Ferret

Cottontail Rabbit

560 Cottontail Rabbit


562 American Pika

Prairie Dog

563 Prairie Dog


564 Chipmunk

Our design is modeled on the Eastern Chipmunk, though the West has a number of very similar looking species.

Gray Squirrel

565 Gray Squirrel


565B Fox Squirrel

Abert's Squirrel

566 Albert's Squirrel

Flying Squirrel

567 Flying Squirrel


570 Beaver

Ground Hog

571 Ground Hog

Also called a Woodchuck, they are a beloved pest of the more temporate eastern states and Canada. They are a type of marmot of which several more species live in the west.


575 Armidillo


578 Javelina

Wild Pony

580 Wild Pony


585 Bison


587 Moose

Big Horn Sheep

588 Big Horned Sheep

Large and spectacular, but shy and live in the most difficult of western terrains they are a real thrill to see in the wild.

White-tailed deer

590 Whilte-tailed Deer


592 Elk

Columbian Mammoth

598 Columbian Mammoth